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Sassy, Niboban's Finest Cat (RIP)

No other cat has spent more time at Niboban than Sassy. Sassy loved the fresh air, the campfires, and lazy afternoon boat rides on the...

Switzerland of America (May 11, 1918)

In 1918, when Major Duncan Harrison was the proprietor of Niboban, the tag line for the property was "The Switzerland of America". For a...

Dave Lower, Niboban Proprietor (1947-1998)

Dave Lower was the proprietor of Niboban from shortly after World War II until his death in 1998. Dave's spirit may still be flitting...

Once Known as the Abbott Farm (1900)

Niboban was once known as the Abbott Farm. On September 28, 1900 the Phillips Phonograph published that Mr. Duncan B. Harrison purchased...

Featured in New York Times (June 12, 1938)

On June 12, 1938 the New York Time published the following advertisement for the Rangeley Lakes. To see the entire ad, click on the image.

No Liquor, guns, or dogs! (August 10, 1964)

Proprietor Dave Lower did not want any trouble at Niboban. His August 10, 1964 advertisement in the 7th Day Adventist Gleaner...

Niboban Farm (1960s)

Dave Lower purchased Niboban in 1947 and lived there until he died in 1998. Folklore has it that he was haunted by World War II and...

Camp Niboban (July 25, 1924)

The Philadelphia Inquirer published the below advertisement for Niboban on July 25, 1924. To see the entire ad, click on the image.

Come See the Moose

There are a lot of moose near Niboban and this time of year the babies are coming out.

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